Monday, November 12, 2012


I place my pain 
                         on a platter,
And ice it like a cake.
They eat it up and love it so 
Cuz they don't know its fake.  

Smiles have been my 
                                   drug of choice 
They've always worked so well,
To hide the struggle deep 
Within this eternal
Silent hell.

I stand up to face 
In a mirror made of glass.
When I see my own reflection,
"Who is that," is what
I ask.

On the floor lies
Of broken promises
And broken dreams.
It took too long to realize
That life's not what it seems.

I've wandered so long
This carnival mirrored maze,
And trying to escape 
Only put me in a daze.  

I called for 
And You heard me,
Then offered me Your

I am on my 
And it may take a while
So stay by me, 
My Friend. 



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